The practice is committed to the creation of a careful and timeless architecture. Our buildings are designed with durability and permanence as primary objectives to make a lasting and sustainable contribution to the lives of our clients and their communities. Each project is a tailored response to the specific needs of individual clients. Our work is unified by the desire to create characterful buildings and beautiful spaces. We believe that any valuable architecture must emerge from a close reading of its local context, culture and history, thus avoiding the current trend towards superfluous form. When we start a project we pay attention to the context, we explore the site and its surroundings to find out existing qualities that can be enhanced and the challenges that the project will encounter. We have come to think that one can not make a good project with a building that is badly located. The site - however it appears - is an important resource. How one uses this resource is probably the most critical part of an architect's work. We seek to show the potential for architectural expression in every task and we strive to raise buildings that have a distinctive sculptural quality. When we get a formal idea we look for an adequate structural concept to develop. One might say that we are formed by the architectural tradition where construction itself has a narrative and poetic potential. We recognize that architectural production contains elements of irrationality. Opulence and delight are experiences that can be evoked by architecture and urban design. That's a manifestation of luxury. Luxury in the sense of excess or extravagance is not of our era.